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Privacy Commissioner cannot compel solicitor-client privileged records on review

In University of Calgary v. JR 2015 ABCA 118, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the Alberta Privacy Commissioner cannot compel a public body to produce records over which solicitor-client privilege is claimed for the purpose of assessing whether the privilege has been properly asserted.

Monitoring software on employees' computer workstations without authority: BC OIPC Investigation Report F15-01 District of Saanich

Following complaints by the Mayor of the District of Saanich that the District had installed software on his office computer that was collecting personal information without his knowledge or consent, the Bc Privacy Commissioner investigated.

Anti-SPAM (CASL) enforcement: The fish that could not unsubcribe - Plenty of Fish pays plenty of money

The CRTC reported today that Plentyoffish Media Inc. has paid $48,000 as part of an undertaking for an alleged violation of Canada’s anti-SPAM legislation.

Apparently, Plenty of Fish did not have a readily accessible and easy to operate unsubscribe mechanism.  Emails were sent to registered users but they had a challenge unsubcribing. 

Shell Game: Electronic Tracking Devices for Employees Comes to the Oil Sands

Along with the trend sweeping the country, Shell contractors in the Albian oil sands will be provided with electronic tracking devices.

According to a CBC report, the company said trackers will use RFID to plot worker location and movement, help assess operational efficiency and will also improve worker safety, such as pinpointing worker fatigue. Each tracker is equipped with a panic button that can be used to call for help in an emergency.

$1.1 M anti-SPAM Penalty: First monetary enforcement under CASL

Today the CRTC issued its first fine under CASL. 

In a Notice of Violation issued against Compu-Finder, which includes a penalty of $1.1 million, for four violations of Canada’s anti-spam law.  The CRTC alleges Compu-Finder sent commercial emails without consent, as well as messages in which the unsubscribe mechanisms did not function properly.

Apparently, Compu-Trainer is a Quebec based organization in the business of providing various corporate training courses.  It seems email solicitation was a primary means of seeking business.


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