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Members of the public have limited ability to challenge the operation of municipal landfills

A recent decision of the Environmental Appeal Board (the “EAB”) in Christina Harder and Karl Den Boer v. Director, Environmental Management Act (March 25, 2015) illustrates that members of the public have limited ability to challenge the operation of municipal waste management facilities.

Bank breached privacy by providing wrong address to credit bureau and failing to correct inaccuracy in a timely manner

In Albayate v Bank of Montreal 2015 BCSC 695, Ms. Albayate claimed she suffered damages as a result of the bank changing her address in its computer system without her knowledge or consent. Ms. Albayate said that, as a result of the change, her bank statements were sent to her ex-husband’s address and her incorrect address and telephone number were provided to two credit reporting bureaus.

BCCA upholds single breach of privacy as cause for termination of employment: Steel v Coast Capital 2015 BCCA 127

In Steel v. Coast Capital Savings Credit Union, 2013 BCSC 527, Madam Justice Ross held that an employee with over twenty years of service could be terminated for cause for accessing a confidential document for her own purposes and, in doing so, violating the protocols and policies of her employer.  We wrote about it in a previous newsletter.

Ms Steel appealed the decision, and lost again in a 2-1 split of the BC Court of Appeal

Privacy Commissioner cannot compel solicitor-client privileged records on review

In University of Calgary v. JR 2015 ABCA 118, the Alberta Court of Appeal ruled that the Alberta Privacy Commissioner cannot compel a public body to produce records over which solicitor-client privilege is claimed for the purpose of assessing whether the privilege has been properly asserted.


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