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BC Government’s Website on HST (In favour of HST)

The Independent Panel Report on the HST (In favour of HST)

Elections BC page on the HST referendum (neutral on HST)

The Fight HST website (Against HST)

Fraser Institute's "Countering the Myths Surrounding BC's HST" (In favour of HST)

CD Howe Institute (In Favour of HST)

Dates for 11 public forums on HST. The forums will hear presentations from the main group opposing the tax (Fight HST) and the group supporting the HST (the Smart Tax Alliance)

Wikipedia's List of Changes from the PST (Accuracy not verified)

A Letter to Vander Zalm (In Favour of HST) BC Supreme Court decision finding that the HST is constitutional:

Vander Zalm v. B.C., 2010 BCSC 1320. BC Supreme Court decision allowing anti-HST initiative to go ahead:

Allan v. B.C. (Chief Electoral Officer), 2010 BCSC 1174.

July 23, 2009 BC Government News Release on HST

Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement between The Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia.

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